Ninja Networking
The No BS Way to Maximize Your Efforts in Half the Time


Are you intimidated by the networking process?
Do you break out in hives when it comes to face-to-face networking?
Perhaps you need a step-by-step process to leveraging your network and contacts?

Why not Learn the easy way to Nurture and Grow your Network without feeling salesy and gain the resources and relationships to grow your business to the NEXT level…

kellyann-schaeferThat’s exactly what happened to me before my first structured networking event 3 years ago when I started my business, having no previous business knowledge. And I certainly knew nothing about networking. So I did the one thing I knew how to do… I educated myself!
I read lots of articles and guides and even typed in Wikipedia: Networking!

So I read all this great content, business cards in hand and set off with a purpose!

But I learned quickly that what I was reading and reality weren’t always the same! Especially where I was networking.  It definitely wasn’t as easy as I had thought and the clients certainly were not banging down my door!

Sound familiar?


Why is networking so important for small business owners?
  • Because Face to Face networking is still the fastest way to create a long standing business relationship
  • You can change your website, business cards and even business 5 times over, but your “network” will remain forever relevant in your marketing
  • Because any successful business starts with networking.
  • Networking is still the greatest path to new clients, FASTER!
  • People do business with those they know, like and trust


So you think you know what you’re supposed to do…

You’re armed with an elevator speech and a pocket full of business cards, but something just doesn’t seem to working right!

Don’t be so hard on yourself!


YOUR Solution: Fast, Effective, Content-filled On line Courses
that tame the Fear and make you a Great Networker!



Who would benefit from these classes?
  • Those that use networking to create relationships.
  • Those that use networking to find customers and clients.
  • Those that have not seen a great Return on Investment with their current networking strategy.
  • Those that are completely new to the scene of “networking” in a structured fashion. (ie: Me 3 years ago)
  • Or those that just plain think networking sucks!
And here is the secret… Networking is Fun!

But there are pitfalls and mistakes that should be avoided…and I will show you those in graphic detail!!

Have you recently started a business?Joined your local Chamber of Commerce? Or other networking group?

Then this webinar is for you!


Networking after watching the Ninja Networking webinars went from overwhelming and something I ‘have to do but don’t want to,’ to something I look forward to and enjoy! If only I had understood long ago that it is not about putting myself in the spotlight, but rather, about connecting with people, getting a chance to get to know something about them, and possibly even serving them!  The webinars gave me so many tips and ideas about how to approach networking events and what to aim to accomplish, that now it feels natural and fun!!”
Andrea Friedmann, Vibrations Coaching


Ninja Networking: Part One
  • Know what to do before the event
  • How to choose the right venue
  • How to dress appropriately
  • What you should and shouldn’t be doing during the event
  • Sure fire conversation starters
  • How to stand out amongst your peers
  • What to do after the event
  • Proven Strategy for follow up
  • Step by Step process on how to stay TOM! (Top of mind!)
  • Leave with a structured formula for following up with prospects and connections


Who is Part One for?
  • Those that use networking to create relationships.
  • Those that use networking to find customers and clients.
  • Those that have not seen a great Return on Investment with their current networking strategy.
  • Those that are completely new to the scene of “networking” in a structured fashion. (ie: Me 3 years ago)
  • Or those that just plain think networking sucks!


Thank you for teaching me how to stand out from the crowd! As someone new to networking, the strategies that you provided allowed me to face my first networking event with confidence. I love how you took the pressure off by suggesting a definition of success for the first few times out, and it was a definition that felt do-able!

I have a feeling that the real genius is going to be the techniques for follow-up after the event is over. I can’t wait to report back on my networking successes!”

Stacy Rowan, A Custom Built Life

I no longer fear networking, and I am now looking forward to future involvement with the chamber and its activities, as well as other networking opportunities. Ever since I started my business three years ago, I have heavily resisted networking. While I was only just familiar with the concept and that I should be doing it in order to effectively grow my business, I had absolutely no idea what to do or where to even start. I was very nervous, and terrified of stepping out there! Shortly after having decided to finally start concentrating my efforts on networking, Kelly Schaefer’s Ninja Networking webinar came along at just the right time. It is a highly valuable, step-by-step, content-rich, fun webinar that is already proving to be one of the most important courses I have taken for my business so far. I came away with loads of clear instruction and a definite plan for moving forward in the networking arena. As a direct result, I was more than prepared, comfortable, and actually excited to attend the orientation meeting at my local chamber where I very recently joined. Before, I would have found a thousand excuses not to attend!  Thanks Kelly, you are a true inspiration!”
Kathy Ashley, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach Consultant


Ninja Networking: Part Deux
  • Gain the knowledge, strategies, mind-set and practical skills that will give you the confidence to get out from behind your computer
  • Identify dozens of groups/places and events in which to network at immediately
  • Handle situations when “people behave badly”
  • Gain more referrals
  • Add value to your current clients and customers
  • Use your personal energy flow to grow your business through networking
  • Walk away with a 30 day action plan


Who is Part Two for?
  • Individuals who are serious about growing their business
  • Any small business owner or entrepreneur who uses networking as a marketing tool
  • Anyone who is looking to increase referrals
  • Purposeful networkers: people who are looking to make a difference and not just pass out business cards
  • Business professionals who have been avoiding networking out of fear


In addition to Part Deux, you will also receive:
  • Free Audio on “how to make the most out of a Large live event” ( valued at $47 )
  • Networking Resources PDF, where you can start networking immediately ( valued at $27 )


I learned so many useful actionable ideas! What a great webinar. I’m already looking forward to the next one.”
Eleanor Reed, Time Solutions
Thanks to Ninja Networking, I’m definitely getting out there more with more confidence. People are getting my message and responding positively. And I am meeting friends and having real conversations. I have a real game plan now (which I didn’t have before) when I go networking and I’m consistently working to implement a couple ideas at a time. I have a follow up plan and it’s getting easier to just have conversations and listen, instead of trying to sell or force things. You’re brilliant at this stuff Kelly. You do understand the networking philosophy so well because you live it. Thank you for generously sharing your words of wisdom with all of us. I can’t wait for part 2!”
Anuradha S Kowtha, Transformation Consultant, Manifest By Design


Ninja Networking:
Part One
90-minute webinar—the course that started it all! Includes Coordinating Handouts to support you

Ninja Networking:
Part One and Deux
Both courses (2 x 90-min webinar), additional handouts, and the audio! The bonuses alone are worth more than the course itself!

Ninja Networking:
Part One, Part Deux & Private Strategy Session
All the content + a 1:1 planning session with Kelly, the Ninja Networker!

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